Relaxed, comfortable surroundings. Plenty of time. No physical examination.

Homeopathy consultations

Homeopathy sessions do not involve a physical examination and are never rushed or hurried. They take place in relaxed, comfortable surroundings and allow you plenty of time to discuss your medical history, physical symptoms, and anything else that may be troubling you. When your homeopathy session is over your case will be analysed and a homeopathic remedy selected for you. Although this may take some time, your remedy should be ready for collection or posting within five working days. Most homeopathy sessions take place when the patient is present. However, online or telephone appointments are always available if you are housebound or live some distance away. Whether you are self-isolating at home, on the shielded patients list or simply unable to travel, you can still enjoy a homeopathy consultation from the comfort of your own home.


If you have a chronic or long term medical condition you will probably need a full course of homeopathic treatment which could take several months. Initial Consultations usually last around 90 minutes and are generally followed by three or four follow-up appointments which take place at monthly or six-weekly intervals. Patients are encouraged to keep in touch and contact me at any time if they have any queries or concerns or need further advice. The cost of your treatment will include all homeopathic remedies but not postage (if required). Treatment packages are available - see Cost of Treatment below* for further details.


Although this can be difficult to predict, the length of your treatment will usually depend upon the following factors - your medical diagnosis and prognosis, how long you have been ill, your prescribed medication, whether you have any side effects, your general level of health and vitality, and how well you respond to homeopathy as an individual. As a general rule, a patient will need around one month of homeopathy for every year of ill health. In other words, if you have been ill for 10 years you will probably need homeopathic treatment for up to 12 months.


Acute ailments (such as influenza, coughs and colds, bites and stings, burns and scalds or nausea and vomiting) do not require a course of treatment or long homeopathy session. For these conditions a 30 minute telephone advice service is available. After speaking to you on the phone I will study your case and let you know the best possible remedy for your current symptoms. Please bear in mind this service is for minor ailments that do not require medical attention. If in doubt always contact your GP or ring NHS 111. You can still use homeopathy afterwards as homeopathic remedies can be taken at the same time as conventional medicine. If you need this type of treatment you will find my contact details under Queries & Appointments.


For those who already use homeopathy to treat their family and friends I run a Quick Chat telephone service. If your tried and tested remedies aren't working or you want to try something different, get in touch and talk the problem through with a qualified homeopath. I am here to help if you need a second opinion or advice on alternative remedies. Not part of my acute ailments service - this is for people who already know how to use and select homeopathic remedies. If you belong to a local group or club and would like to know more about homeopathy, I'd be happy to give a 30 or 45 minute introductory talk. I can also provide low cost courses on a variety of topics such as first aid remedies, treating children, coping with stress and homeopathy for pets. Contact me to discuss.
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If you're interested in homeopathy but would like to know more, take advantage of my free 30 minute discovery phone call. Perhaps you're new to homeopathy or worried about what you've read in the press. Maybe you'd like to discuss your symptoms and medical history before you decide what to do. Are you taking medication and experiencing side effects? Whatever the nature of your query, I am here to help. To book your free discovery call, use the contact form on this website. Just send your email address and tell me when you're available. I'll do the rest.


  • Initial Consultation 90 minutes - £65
  • Follow-up Session 45 minutes - £45
  • Initial Consultation & 2 Follow-up Sessions* - £145
  • Initial Consultation & 3 Follow-up Sessions* - £185
  • Initial Consultation & 4 Follow-up Sessions* - £225
  • Acute Ailments Consultation 30 minutes - £30
  • Repeat Prescription (no appointment) - £10 plus postage
  • Quick Chat Service 15 minutes - £10
  • Talks & Courses (length varies) - Ask for price
  • Discovery Phone Call 30 minutes - Free