Relaxed, comfortable surroundings. Plenty of time. No physical examination.

Homeopathy consultations

Homeopathy consultations do not involve a physical examination. They take place in relaxed, comfortable surroundings and are never rushed or hurried. You will have plenty of time to discuss your medical history, physical symptoms, and anything else that may be troubling you. At the end of the session I will analyse your case and select the best possible remedy for your symptoms. Although this may take some time, your remedy should be ready for collection or posting within five working days. If there is any delay I will let you know. The first follow-up session will usually take place four weeks after the start of your treatment. As you progress, your follow-ups can be spread farther apart to six weeks, eight weeks, and so on. Many patients like to keep in touch at the end of their homeopathic treatment. By coming to see me every six months, new problems can be addressed quickly and improvements to their health and vitality maintained.

Constitutional Treatment

Homeopathy can treat much more than an upset stomach or a bad cold. Millions of people all over the world use homeopathy to treat a wide range of physical symptoms, emotional troubles and mental health issues. If your symptoms never disappear, keep on returning or are getting worse, you will benefit from a course of constitutional treatment. The remedy you receive will not be based upon your physical symptoms or medical diagnosis alone. Although these are very important, your remedy will also depend on you. How you think and feel. How you respond to stress. How you react to other people and your environment. How well you sleep. Whether you dream or suffer from nightmares. Your energy, strength and vitality. The sort of food you love or hate. Along with your personal and family medical history, these and many other topics will be considered in great detail. A homeopathy consultation is a unique occurrence. There are few other situations in which your health and general wellbeing will be explored so carefully and thoroughly. It has to be experienced in order to be appreciated.


Although this can be difficult to predict, the length of any treatment will usually depend upon the following factors

  • Your medical diagnosis and prognosis
  • How long you have been ill
  • Your prescribed medication
  • Any side effects or contraindications
  • Your energy, strength and vitality
  • How well you respond to homeopathy as an individual

If this is something you would like to discuss, please book a free 30 minute phone call or speak to Elaine before your first homeopathy session.


Ailments such as influenza, acute bronchitis, insect bites, nausea and vomiting or a swollen ankle do not need a course of homeopathy treatment. For these conditions a 30 minute telephone advice service is available. After speaking to you on the phone I will study your case and let you know the best possible remedy for your current symptoms. Please bear in mind this service is for minor ailments that do not require medical attention. If in doubt always contact your GP or ring NHS 111. You can still use homeopathy afterwards as homeopathic remedies can be taken at the same time as conventional medicine. If you need this type of treatment you will find my contact details under Queries & Appointments.


If you're interested in homeopathy but would like to know more, take advantage of my free 30 minute discovery phone call. Perhaps you're new to homeopathy or worried about what you've read in the press. Maybe you'd like to discuss your symptoms and medical history before you decide what to do. Are you taking medication and experiencing side effects? Whatever the nature of your query, I am here to help. To book your free discovery call, use the contact form on this website. Just send your email address and tell me when you're available. I'll do the rest.


  • Initial Consultation 90 minutes - £70
  • Follow-up Session 45 minutes - £50
  • Initial Consultation & 2 Follow-up Sessions* - £165
  • Initial Consultation & 3 Follow-up Sessions* - £210
  • Initial Consultation & 4 Follow-up Sessions* - £255
  • Acute Ailments Consultation 30 minutes - £30
  • Repeat Prescription (no appointment) - £12 plus postage
  • Discovery Phone Call 30 minutes - Free
  • Homeopathy Blogs - Free


If you would love some homeopathy but need a bit of help, I offer concessionary rates to students, single parents, and patients on benefits or a low income. To find out more, use the website contact form or send an email or text. I'll be in touch to let you know what's available. Concessions apply whether you want a personal or online consultation.